The Best in West Coast Florida Weddings

The Best in West Coast Florida Weddings

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Savvy Celebration at the Sorosis

Taryn and Eina
Selected Photos by Kerri Percy Photography*


Often too many ideas get in the way of a couple making final decisions about how their wedding day will look. Both Taryn and Eina had certain expectations as far as colors, flower choices, and DIY projects they wanted to undertake. They knew they loved a green or blueish tone for the majority of decor; but the exact shade of green/blue was up in the air until closer to the wedding day.

They had chosen the Sorosis Building in Lakeland for both the ceremony and reception. They favored a vintage theme with non-traditional elements such as the bridal party members wearing their choice of blue and gray attire

The open house that was supposed to feature their sample guest table, Taryn was unable to attend because of illness. A very nervous Eina and Taryn's mom attended in her place; hoping they would make the right decisions that would reflect her wishes.

As it turned out . . . They were on target with a turquoise chevron runner surrounded by two dove gray ones with our black lantern smack dab in thee center. It was decided to utilize all gray napkins inside the water glasses on the tables. 

THEN, lime green entered the picture. But as you will see, it was all good.

Everything else seemed to fall into place: from signage to final touches on other table decor. 

The day of the wedding arrived and a calm and collected set of brides set aside special time to get ready in the presence of immediate family and bridal party members.

Two locations were set aside for getting ready. Taryn was very much a part of the laid back, sultry process of putting on her make-up, gown, and small embellishments,.

Eina, on the other hand, was more focused on the lively photo options for her and the rest of the bridal party. 

When it came time for the ceremony to start, the couple's free-flowing bridal party made their way down the aisle to the ceremony area. There was a non-traditional combination of guys and girls.

As the sun was setting in front of the Sorosis Building, the ceremony turned emotional with many personalisation's from bridal party members, the officiant, and family.

After the ceremony, guests were invited indoors to enjoy the social hour with a displayed cheese, fruit, and vegetable presentation. We utilized a gray base with lime green runner with gray and white chevron accent.

The couple chose a bridal party table in front of the Sorosis stage area. They chose to display their wedding cake with a special topper of photos of themselves. 

The guest tables followed the original design Taryn and Eina had considered with white floor length cloth, white wood chairs, double turquoise runners with gray chevron in the center,

The use of lime green was more a part of the other display tables mostly in the front section of the reception. From the colorful card box to accent runners, we kept the couple's vision in mind.

We LOVED this additional personalization in the fireplace area where we placed pillar candles and assorted pictures to complete their vision.

Many wonderful memories of Taryn and Eina's wedding celebration. 

DJ, Fran Lebano and Company

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