The Best in West Coast Florida Weddings

The Best in West Coast Florida Weddings

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Heileman vs. Tichenor: A Win-Win Game of Love

On the football field of love, colors know no boundaries

This is what devoted football fans, Raelani Heileman and David Tichenor, found to be a fun-filled part of their wedding planning. Along with many celebrated photos by Jorden McPhee Bowman Photography, we are pleased to share many special aspects of this couple's special celebration in mid-November at Davis Islands Garden Club.


Coming from an Hawaiian background, Raelani, growing up, envisioned a sea-inspired wedding. Her outlook changed a bit once she fell in love with David Tichenor, Davis Islands Garden Club, and the idea of combining the couple's Alma Maters of Florida State and UF.

Early in the planning process, we found that they both "loved  sports and the competitive environment it fosters." Event Designer, Ashley Allred Davis, (also a sports enthusiast), understood this completely when she started working with them on their wedding designs. At first the couple was unsure of their allegience to colors choices. After put in the position to decide their table decor they were a united front for merlot (burgundy) and orange.

Raelani described it as a compromise between she (FSU grad) and David (UF grad). We didn't question the lack of royal blue in the color scheme!!!

Raelani surprised us with her amazing DIY skills in creating unique monogrammed centerpieces that alternated between sunken floating candles in ribbon-accented glass cylinder trios to tall clear pieces filled with ivory spindle balls and hand-made burgundy and orange paper flowers.

She also made additional diamond-studded flower heads for each place setting along with personalized table cards/ place cards named after she and David's favorite sports figures.

The couple kept the ceremony decor simple with two bunches of latched natural sticks on the garden club's waterfront gazebo.

Social hour was on the back patio. Even in mid-November, the weather was mild and perfect. Event Coordinator Bradley Dempsey mimicked the guest table decor on the displayed hors d'oeuvres station in front of the big picture window on the patio.On the other side of the window, indoors, was a similarly decorated sweetheart table with the rich burgundy and orange colors again at work.

On a softer, note, florist Carmen Gonzalez created wedding flower bouquets with a palette of white, peach, and dark orange roses dotted with white pearl centers.

The couple's three tiered wedding cake had similar floral features with rose petals and fresh rose heads. More of Raelani's and David's playful personalities were represented in their cake topper.

We placed the buffet in the front foyer and Bradley fashioned a large centerpiece from our in-house silks and some of Raelani's hand-made buds.

Congratulations to Raelani and David on their personalized celebration that truly reflected them as a couple . . in "their house divided!"


Event Planning, Catering, Decor: Catering By Robert / Event Concepts . FL
Ashley Allred Davis, Designer
Wedding Flowers: Carmen's Flowers
Entertainment: Bill of DeLite Entertainment
Photo Booth: Mojo Photo Booth

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