The Best in West Coast Florida Weddings

The Best in West Coast Florida Weddings

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Perfect Marriage: DIY & Our Creative Energy

As a hands-on event planning and catering company, we are always excited to see the results of many months of intensive planning surrounding a client's serious DIY projects.

First, you wonder about the quality of these elements that can range from place cards to centerpieces.
Second, if you have made recommendations on improving or changing these items, will the client take these to heart?

When it came to Yolanda and Anthony's August wedding reception at the Lion's Eye Institute, everything came together in perfect harmony. Yolanda hired first-time wedding planner, LaVonne Fernandi, who became our focal communication person during most of the planning. When we had questions, she got the answers in record time.

Still, the decor decisions seemed to remain in limbo up until two weeks before the wedding because the bride had a lot of anxiety over how her room and tables would ultimately look. Her wedding budget just could not accommodate the fresh floral centerpieces she had wanted. Despite this disaapointment, she moved on to create an amazing subsitution that matched the many of DIY projects she had already finished.

Thanks to open lines of communication, we were able to match and enhance this vibrant blend of tangerine, orange, and hot pink with our in-house custom-made silk flower centerpieces, accent fabrics,
 and tabletop decor.

Here's a peek of Yolanda and Anthony's colorful tropical wedding.

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