The Best in West Coast Florida Weddings

The Best in West Coast Florida Weddings

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Tent Receptions

From simple elegance to ultra festive, tents begin with a blank slate that can be transformed into a fully customizable event space. Big or small, they are a necessity for many locales that don't have access to indoor space in case of bad weather.

Many thanks for our continued relationship with West Coast Events and Rentals / Event Design, in enhancing the great outdoors for Florida wedding clients.

Often it is the natural outdoors, not the tent, that is the desired focal point. A simple white tent with no sides can bring the view into focus. This wedding was at the waterfront, childhood home of the bride. The subtle sage green color scheme was incorporated to mesh with the surroundings.

The head or sweetheart table should have the best focal point behind it with a minimum of décor distractions.

When the Estate is the Focus

Perhaps the estate or main house are the centerpiece for the use of a tent on the grounds. The tent can be simple yet elegant.

Add more natural elements to a tent with rented foliage. A1 Foliage is our number one source for providing this service.

Drama in the tent?

Sometimes tents can be the main attraction. Sail cloth tents are the perfect way to balance elegance with function.

Sail cloth tents have been popular for estate weddings on Long Island and in New England for years. While they are pricier than white frame tents, they offer an element of vintage. No expensive tent liners are needed as the ceiling and dark wood poles create their own signature design. 

The fabric also lends itself to spectacular night time illumination.

 Photo Courtesy of West Coast Events and Rentals.

Spaciousness is an important component in chosing a tent size. Make certain you have room for all aspects of your celebration that need protection from the outdoor elements. Even though this client had just over 100 guests, she chose a larger tent to accommodate special display tables, detached food stations, lounge furniture, and lots of room for dancing. 

Of course if you can save space by utilizing a nearby patio for social hour and the dance floor, take advantage of this kind of space. You may be able to save room for dining tables only in a smaller tent.

A towering oak tree close by can serve as a dance floor backdrop. Add Spanish moss and dramatic lighting for romantic look. If you choose to have a dance floor outside of a tent, be mindful that the rental company needs advance notice to place the flooring. A back up plan to place it inside the tent should be considered.

Tents and their installation lend themselves to ceiling treatments and lighting can be easily added. White tents also reflect uplighting and create a brilliant palatte for color.

Full ceiling liners with chandeliers or twinkle lighting is an expensive option, but often less than doing the same for a large indoor reception hall. Utilizing white pole covers and drapes for exposed metal structural elements is not as costly when paired with whimsical swags of ceiling fabric and lighting fixtures.

Formal vs. Vintage

Even though the setting may be outdoors, formal seating and table design can still be a part of the equation. The right size of tent can also accommodate informal seating. 

The Wicked Wind

Wind can play havoc with all aspects of your outdoor event. Be prepared to incorporate sturdy décor elements that won't be affected if a gust of wind sweeps through an open tent.

Battery LED candles or floating candles work are best used inside a tent; simple napkin fold across a charger plate keeps them from blowing away; and place cards should be weighted. Tall centerpieces should be in vases filled to the top with water.

If you are planning a tent wedding during the hotter summer months, you may want to consider an air conditioning system. Cathedral side walls still allow a view of the outdoors without losing the impact of keeping the cool air inside.

Air intakes are easily hid within the walls of the tent.

Be prepared to rent a quiet generator for complex electrical needs such as air conditioning, extensive lighting, and even portable restroom hook-ups.

 Use a tent as flexible space!

Florida weather may force the ceremony to be moved inside the reception tent. Our staff is ready to transform the dance floor and portions of the structure to accommodate the nuptials first and then move guest tables into place during the social hour.

The sky is the limit with a clear span tent. Often these cost double what a regular tent would. But the difference is dramatic.

Tents have practical uses when it comes to serving food. The cover keeps bugs and tree "droppings" off the buffet.

On Even Ground

When you select a tent for your dining area, it is essential you make certain the entire area is flat and not on an incline. This can affect the layout of the guest tables. Whenever possible, ask the tent rental company to do a site visit if you have a location that has never hosted an outdoor reception.

Tents allow weddings to be held just about anywhere there is a scenic background and level ground. Contact us to assist you with your vision for an all outdoor celebration.

Friday, May 3, 2019

I Love You to the Moon and Back at Southern Plantation Oasis

Brandis and Omari

** Selected Photos by Jordon Raynn Photography